– A New Way Of Giving a Voice to Images

Are you familiar with social networking site such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, PicSling, etc.? These succeeding social sharing platforms are famous to people around the world, primarily because of the trend of sharing. But the fourth one may not be so familiar to you – PicSling.

PicSling is a platform that gives your images a voice. The site allows descriptive information to be assigned to particular parts of images through the use of “sling tags”. These interactive descriptions give life to your images. This creative method takes traditional tagging to a new level by allowing viewers to acquire more detailed information on any image from the internet and/or the users computer.

Users can embed images, links, and videos and share via email or post to any social media sites, and favorite blogs. Now, the world can see the most meaningful, interesting, comical, trendy and controversial things without the need for endless paragraphs.

The process is simple:

  • Upload any image or enter its URL
  • Resize, place and crop the image
  • Add “sling tags” that will contain descriptive text, links, images and videos.
  • Post, share, and enjoy

PicSling does not advertise the images that people have posted. Rather, anyone – musicians, artists, companies, and individuals – can post images and advertise them for any purpose. PicSling provides notifications when someone has liked and/or commented on a posting.

The personal information that is provided to PicSling is confidential. Your name, address, e-mail address and telephone number will never be sold. PicSling is not responsible for external content of internet sites. Be sure to read its privacy policy prior to posting, as images may have copyright rules attached to them.

PicSling is a useful tool in allowing anyone to elaborate and share images of interest, while providing a platform to share and comment. With countless comments and ideas, you will find that people are unveiling the hidden essence found in these interactive images. In addition to this, there are other internet sites and services that are accessible through PicSling.

There are things that can not be posted at PicSling, however. Users can post everything except pornographic material, material that creates property damage, physical injury, child abuse, etc. If you believe an image contains illegal material or violates the terms and conditions of the website, do not post it. However, if you want your images to have a voice, become a member at